passgen - Generate passwords

Generate secure, pseudo-random passwords in the terminal with passgen

passgen is a simple shell script that generates a secure, pseudo-random password. It can be used to generate passwords of a specified length and character set. The default character set includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and a few special characters. You can customize the character set and length of the generated password using command-line options.


Simply run passgen in your terminal to generate a password with the default settings. You can customize the length and character set of the generated password using the following options:

  • --length or -l: Specify the length of the password (default is 20 characters).
  • --special or -s: Include and extended range of special characters in the character set.
  • --nospecial or -n: Use only letters and numbers in the character set.


Generate a password with the default settings:

  • passgen

Generate a password with a length of 16 characters:

  • passgen --length 16

Generate a password with the extended special characters set:

  • passgen --special

Generate a password using only letters and numbers:

  • passgen --nospecial


By the time you’re reading this, Aegix will ship with the passgen script in your path.

Here is the passgen shell script:


# Default settings

# Process command-line options
while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
 case "$1" in
     shift 2
     echo "Usage: $0 [--length|-l length] [--special|-s] [--nospecial|-n]"
     exit 1

# Generate a random string with the specified length and character set
tr -dc "$CHARSET" < /dev/urandom | fold -w "$LENGTH" | head -n 1

If it is not already on your system, you can add it by following these steps after you cd ~/.local/bin:

touch passgen && chmod +x passgen && vim passgen

Set paste mode in vim with :set paste and then press i to enter insert mode.

Then paste the script above into the passgen file you just created. (To paste in the terminal (including in vim) on Aegix, you can use Alt + v.) ((To save and exit vim, press Esc to exit insert mode, then type Shift + ZZ.))

Now you can generate a password with passgen from any terminal on your system.

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