Customizing Aegix-Programs

Learn how to customize the aegix-programs.csv file before running BARBs during an Aegix installation.


During the installation of Aegix Linux, you have the option to customize which programs are installed by modifying the aegix-programs.csv file. This guide will walk you through the steps to edit this file before running BARBs during the Aegix installation process.


Step 1: Install as Usual

Begin the installation of Aegix Linux as you normally would:

curl -LO && sh

Step 2: Move to TTY2

At the BARBs prompt, instead of hitting Enter to begin the script, switch to TTY2 by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2.

Step 3: Chroot into the Live Environment

Chroot into the live environment with the following command:

artix-chroot /mnt

Step 4: Download aegix-programs.csv

Download the aegix-programs.csv file into the /root directory:

curl -L -o /root/aegix-programs.csv

Step 5: Enter Vim Editor

Open the aegix-programs.csv file in the Vim editor:

vim /root/aegix-programs.csv

Step 6: Edit the File

Delete any lines for programs you do not wish to install by navigating to the line and pressing dd. If you accidentally delete the wrong line, press u to undo the change.

Step 7: Save and Exit

Save the file by pressing ESC, then Shift + zz, or ESC followed by :wq and Enter to save and quit. To quit without saving, press ESC, then Shift + zq, or ESC followed by :q! and Enter.

Step 8: Return to TTY1

Switch back to TTY1 by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1.

Step 9: Run BARBs

Press Enter to begin the BARBs installation process.

Last modified June 6, 2024: Customizing Aegix-Programs doc (f0361d4)