Compatible Devices

Explore the range of devices tested and confirmed to be compatible with the Aegix Linux installation.

Aegix Linux aims to provide a seamless installation experience across a wide range of hardware; ensuring compatibility and performance on various devices is a key part of our commitment to user satisfaction. Below is a list of devices that have already been tested with the Aegix Linux installation process.

Tested Devices

Aegix Linux installation is designed to be straightforward on machines that can be set to LEGACY BIOS mode, targeting the normative x86 CPU architecture. We have conducted tests on a variety of devices to ensure compatibility and performance. Here are the devices that Aegix Linux has been successfully installed on:

ThinkPad Series

  • X220
  • T2370
  • T420 and T420s
  • T430
  • T440
  • P50 and P50s

Other Hardware

  • HP Z800 Office Server
  • 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
    • Confirmed Aegix Linux installation on a T440 without internal storage using a PNY 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive as the target block device

We welcome and encourage testing on other hardware platforms. Your contributions help us improve Aegix Linux’s compatibility and user experience. If you have successfully installed Aegix Linux on a device not listed here, please share your results.