Launch a Terminal

Some basic terminal-related things you want to know

Get to know your Aegix Terminal

Launching a terminal

  • Ultra + Enter to launch an instance of the Aegix build of the suckless terminal emulator st.
  • Ultra + Shift + Enter to toggle the drop-down terminal.
  • Ultra + ' to toggle the drop-down calculator.
    • This is just an instance of st running bc in interactive mode.

Changing the terminal font size

  • Alt + Shift + K increases the terminal font size.
  • Alt + Shift + J decreases the terminal font size.

Changing the terminal opacity

  • Alt + a darkens the terminal background by increasing opacity.
  • Alt + s lightens the terminal background by decreasing opacity.

Copying and pasting

  • Alt + c to copy.
  • Alt + v to paste.