Changing Hostname and Username

Guide on how to change the hostname and username on Aegix Linux.


There may come a time when you need to change the hostname or username of your Aegix Linux system. Whether you picked the wrong name during installation or simply want a change, this guide will walk you through the steps necessary to make these changes on Aegix Linux.

Changing the Hostname

Step 1: Edit the /etc/hostname File

The hostname of your system is stored in the /etc/hostname file. You can change it by editing this file with vim.

sudo vim /etc/hostname

Replace the current hostname with your desired new hostname. Save and exit the editor (Esc + :wq OR Esc + [hold] Shift + zz in vim).

Step 2: Edit the /etc/hosts File

To ensure your system recognizes the new hostname, update the /etc/hosts file.

sudo vim /etc/hosts

Find the line that contains your current hostname (usually associated with and replace it with your new hostname. For example:    localhost
::1    localhost    $newhostname.localdomain $newhostname

Save and exit the editor (Esc + :wq OR Esc + [hold] Shift + zz in vim).

Step 3: Apply the Changes

To apply the hostname change immediately without rebooting, you can directly write the new hostname to /proc/sys/kernel/hostname.

echo $newhostname | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/hostname

Changing the Username

1. Login as Root or Another User: You cannot change your username while you are logged in as that user. Either log in as root or another user.

2. Change the Username: Use the usermod command to change the username. Replace oldusername with your current username and newusername with your desired new username.

sudo usermod -l newusername oldusername

3. Rename the Home Directory: Rename the home directory of the user to match the new username.

sudo mv /home/oldusername /home/newusername

4. Update the Home Directory Path: Update the home directory path for the user.

sudo usermod -d /home/newusername -m newusername

5. Update File Permissions: Ensure the new home directory and files within it have the correct ownership.

sudo chown -R newusername /home/newusername

6. Reboot the system: Reboot the system to ensure all changes take effect.

sudo reboot