Getting Started

What to do after you first boot a fresh Aegix Linux installation


You’ve just installed Aegix Linux. Congratulations! Now what?

Press Ultra + F1 to read the built-in documentation of how to get around the system.

You may be wondering where the Ultra key is on your keyboard. It’s the same thing that is sometimes referred to as the Super key or the Windows key. It’s usually the one with the Windows logo on it. However on the chromebooks we’ve tested, it’s the Search key, with a magnifying glass image printed on it, by default.

If you’re in a hurry, below is a quick list of things to do to get started with Aegix Linux.

Changing Hostname and Username

Guide on how to change the hostname and username on Aegix Linux.

Launch a Terminal

Some basic terminal-related things you want to know

Connect to wifi

Connect to wifi in Aegix Linux.

External Keyboards

Connect to an external keyboard in Aegix Linux after booting.

Adjust Audio Volume

Adjusting the audio volume in Aegix Linux.

Launch Web Browser

Launch a web browser in Aegix Linux.

Screen Brightness

Adjusting the screen brightness in Aegix Linux.

Viewing Images

Use sxiv to view images in the terminal.

Viewing PDFs

Use zathura to view PDFs in the terminal.


How to take a screenshot in Aegix Linux